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We offer a separate quotation for each work, which is why our agency does not have a unified price list. Since highly experienced translators, editors, proofreaders and copywriters are included in our team, the price depends on who is best suited for the particular project. The price for urgent work is generally 1.5 times higher than the regular price.

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Lääne-Tallinna Keskhaigla
Ingli Sweden
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Our webpage texts are translated by the Swesteng Languages translation agency. The texts are always completed quickly and we have not encountered any problems.

Madis Prink, the Manager of the Department of Public Relations

West-Tallinn Central Hospital LC


Swesteng Languages Ltd is a translation agency with a different approach, which works very well for us. When we order from them and exchange letters it feels as if we are talking to old friends. The interactions are always pleasant and polite and the deadlines are followed very carefully.

Maarja Martin, the E-shop Administrator

Packing Centre LC


Swesteng Languages Ltd is a translation agency that we can count on, and that is important for us. The translation work is completed quickly, deadlines are kept and the outcome is of a high quality. The service is friendly, quick and professional.

Piret Ree, Sales Manager


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